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JrevealJReveal is a brand new amazing Joomla! 3.x component for easily creating beautiful presentations using HTML. Check out the live demo.

JReveal comes with a broad range of features including nested slides, markdown contents, 9 presentation themes, Built-in Fragments, Parallax background, Slide background Image & Color, Auto Slide and much much more.
It's best viewed in a browser with support for CSS 3D transforms but fallbacks are available to make sure your presentation can still be viewed elsewhere.

Jreveal can also load Joomla! Content Plugins and even load Modules into a slide using the {loadposition} plugin - check out our Demo website for example of plugins over a presentation: Login module in a slide and Simple image gallery content plugin in a JReveal Presentation slide.

One of the great features of JReveal is it let you share and embed your presentation in any other website or webpage just like you embed a Youtube video, see the embed example below:

Joomla! 3.x
Jreveal Package is available for Joomla! 3.x and tested on Gantry, T3 and Warp based templates.

Check out the user guide and some screenshots of the component here

You can also visit the demo website here


JReveal Main Features:

  • 9 Beautiful presentation themes.
  • All presentation are based on HTML5/HTML which is a huge advatage in SEO.
  • Fully responsive design - based on Bootstrap.
  • Touch screen support for mobile/tablets devices and other touch screen.
  • Progress bar & Clickable.
  • Navigation from: Remote, Keyboard, mouse. (Learn more)
  • Parallax background image support. (Learn more)
  • Background image for each slide.
  • Background color for each slide.
  • 5 Background tranzition effects.
  • 7 Slide tranzition effects.
  • 3 Tranzition speed options.
  • Auto slide + Stopable support.
  • 4 Global states available for each slide. (Learn more)
  • One year support and updates.
  • Simple & Easy to use backend panel.
  • HTML5 Video support.
  • Youtube Video support.
  • HTML5 Audio support.
  • CDN for CSS and JS.
  • Fast Loading..
  • Optional CSS file for each presentation.

JReveal installation package file includes:

  • JReveal Component
  • JReveal Template - for fullscreen display.


  • configuration
  • edit-slides0
  • edit-slides1
  • edit-slides2
  • edit-slides3
  • navigation
  • presentation-options
  • presentations


The current version is:



JReveal Component & Template are compatible with:

Joomla! 3.x


The package includes:

  • Component
  • Template

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